Every criminal defendant has the right to appeal a conviction and sentence. Meticulous preparation, a thorough review of the trial record, and painstaking legal research by an experienced appellate lawyer is essential to achieving the best outcome in an appeal. Ted Green and Richard Willstatter work hard to find the issues in their clients’ cases that are most likely to convince the appellate court to reverse a conviction of reduce a sentence of imprisonment.

State and Federal Appeals

At Green & Willstatter, our criminal defense lawyers represent individuals and businesses in state and federal appellate matters. We handle criminal convictions at the state level as well as post conviction matters including motions to vacate judgments of convictions. Contact a New York state/federal appeals lawyer at our firm for your initial consultation.

Our New York appellate lawyers also handle appeals for all white-collar criminal convictions in both the New York State and federal courts, and help to determine the most meritorious arguments likely to result in a successful appeal.

Don’t Miss Your Opportunity to Appeal

You have the absolute right to demand a notice of appeal be filed by the lawyer who represented you at the sentencing. Even if the trial lawyer does not believe there are good issues to rise on appeal, he must still file your notice of appeal. In some circumstances, you may have waived your right to appeal but you may be able to argue on appeal that the waiver is not effective or does not apply to the issues you are raising on appeal. A notice of appeal must be filed within the time allowed by law. A skilled New York appellate law attorney at our firm can keep things moving and heighten your chances for a successful appeal.

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