How to Respond to Visits from Detectives or Federal Agents

It is in your best interest to know how to respond when a detective or federal agent shows up at your home at 8:00 at night to discuss a matter of criminal law, even if the matter does not appear to concern you. Know that any statements made, even seemingly innocent statements made, on a visit from a federal agent/detective may be used to convict you later.

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In the event of a visit from a federal agent or detective to your home or office, in many instances you should decline to discuss the criminal matter with agents. Tell the agents that you would be happy to discuss the matter with them once you have the assistance of a lawyer.

They may claim to want information about something or someone else. Questions may be about a seemingly innocuous subject, such as questions about the neighbors or when they bought the property. For example, they may claim to be questioning you, a union representative, regarding investigation of a management company. Whom they really want to know more about, however, might be YOU. What you are thinking is an innocent question about an unrelated matter might actually have to do with you.

Many people do not know that lying to a federal agent is a felony. Even a simple denial that you have committed a crime can form the basis for such a prosecution.

Protect your interest and exercise your 5th Amendment right to remain silent. Do not unknowingly incriminate yourself.

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