How to Act When a Search Warrant Is Being Executed

A search warrant allows the police to enter a home or other property to look for particular items in a designated area due to the probability that evidence of criminal activity will be found. If there is reasonable suspicion that the owners of the property being searched are involved in crime, the searching authorities may detain them during the search of their home.

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A reasonable search of property is conducted with a search warrant. Sometimes when a person is arrested at home, the officers may search the home without a search warrant. To justify this search in court, they will have to explain why it was conducted without a warrant.

While you should never resist a search with force, you need not consent to a search. If you do consent, the government can use that as justification for the search. If you object to a certain search, politely ask for the name of the officer conducting the search and advise that you do not consent and that you object to the search.

How to Act

Stay on the property during the search to ensure the search is conducted in an organized manner. You may be asked to unlock doors, etc., that the officers or agents would otherwise have to destroy to access.

Seek the advice of a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney regarding how to act when a search warrant is being executed. We recommend calling a lawyer for assistance even while the search is being conducted if the officers will permit you to call.

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