Domestic Violence

Have you been accused of committing a crime of domestic abuse? You should know that domestic violence is a sensitive matter with serious consequences.

At Green & Willstatter, in Westchester County, our domestic violence lawyers represent defendants who have been charged with a crime involving domestic violence. We also offer knowledgeable legal advice if you pressed charges claiming to be a victim of domestic violence, and you now are considering dropping those charges. In many counties of the State of New York including Westchester County, Rockland County, and in New York City, there are Integrated Domestic Violence Courts. Some cases originating in local town, city village courts can be transferred to the courts for prosecution.

Contact us for help protecting your rights and avoiding an unjust conviction with regard to the following:

  • Domestic violence (physical abuse, emotional abuse)
  • Sex crimes (sexual abuse, sexual assault, rape)
  • Child sexual abuse

As domestic violence law attorneys, we realize that a system built for one-size-fits-all does not apply to all cases; each case has its unique circumstances that. Sometimes people will falsely claim they have been a victim of domestic abuse or violence. False allegations may be brought out of spite, for revenge, or to gain advantage in other litigation, such as a divorce or custody dispute.

One harsh immediate consequence of domestic violence charges is the imposition of an order of protection, which often directs the accused to leave and stay away from his or her home and family. Skilled counsel can sometimes obtain a reasonable modification of such an order.

In some instances, the prosecutor dismisses the charges altogether after learning more facts of the case. However, you should know that, for good reason, the person who brought the complaint cannot simply decide for themselves whether to “drop the charges”. Such matters can be prosecuted by the District Attorney without that person’s consent.

At Green & Willstatter, our skilled criminal defense attorneys leave no stone unturned, giving our all to defend our clients.

If you have been charged with a crime of domestic violence, make your first call to an experienced White Plains domestic violence lawyer fully familiar with domestic violence laws and dedicated to the protection of your legal rights.

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